About Us

Some Background Info

I've worked in corporate for a while in high end marketing roles and cofounded 3 companies, through which we raised equity rounds, acquired hundreds of thousands of customers and built great teams. Ultimately, the entrepreneurial holy grail of creating something long lasting and meaningful is still elusive.

One thing that I've built to last are my relationships. My family and friends empower me. My health game is 100 strong and I'm learning more about nutrition and mind every day.

I created this blog to explore how I can provide the most value to as many people as possible and I feel that this can be best exhibited through my many examples of failure, success and eventual learning.

All this in a few small steps and concepts at a time.



I'm all about marrying passion with purpose and doing no harm in the process.

Get in touch...

Whenever, why-ever. If you've got something on your mind and think that I can help in any way, my mail is right below.